Fixing Error of Metronic Theme PagedList component

Metronic Theme have PagedList component which provide users prepare paged list quickly. However, it have a issue: When user clicks the number of active page link number page thwors error. Because link of active page misdefined. To fix this I’ve prepared a jquery patch.

$(document).ready(function () {

    //fixing pagedlist bug-patch s.atan

    $(".pagination > .active > a").mouseover(function () {

        var href = $(this).attr("href");


        $(this).attr('href', 'javascript:');

        $(this).attr('style', 'color:green; font-weight:bold');



Adding Last Instagram Photos to Your Web Page

After changing his API policy embedding instagram widget to your web page is overhelming task. You should use API and access_token.  There is a lot of plugin to do that. However, I am enjoying doing it by myself. Here plain jquery code to get your last photos over api.

Human Friendly ASP.MVC Serie

As a veteran Python programmer, I am used to coding in the clear and lazy way because Python has not red tape and fantastic overwhelming details. Nowadays I have to code with ASP.MVC 5 with Razor, however.  Gradually, I am coding and learning.  First and foremost attribute of I’ve noticed is ASP.MVC requires a lot of red tape. Especially for type conversations makes me angry. Therefore, I decided to post my experiences as a Python Programmer in ASP.MVC on the “human friendly” way. I branded it “Human Friendly ASP.MVC”.  I will share the codes and advices clearly. I am hating the tradition of sharing plethora of code lines. That is makes readers confused. I will use clear-cut style of python. Do not try to execute, dare to learn…

Here is first:



Google Spreadsheet Query Function Makes your Spreadsheets DB which SQL-ready

When you want to make complex queries over Excel sheet that is almost impossible. Yet by Google Docs Spreadsheet Query() function you  can write SQL and retrieve whatever you want.

For instance:

=query(A2:I1000;“select sum(H)  WHERE D=‘mrkt’”) 

Gets only expenditures which about ‘mrkt’ (market) from A2:ı10000 TABLE then gets sum.

When you write function by this way, the function returns extra header. You can remove it:

=query(A2:I1000;“select sum(H) WHERE D=’mrkt’ label sum(H) ”“)


Interpreting Linear Model(lm) in R

In R as you know, when it have been written: summary(lm(x~y)), the command gives  a lot of different ‘mystic’ values. I have found a good manual for interpreting the result. It is here

Besides, do not forget lm command is relevant with “regression” model. If you want to compute the simple correlation between two parameter use cor(x,y) command.

If you do not have any idea about difference, here is good article for you


Connect to Java Libraries and call native Java functions from R

R provides very interesting and useful properties for its users. Sometimes you couldn’t find the required library in R libraries like me. For “Natural Language Processing” library in Turkish there is no library in R. Yet I have found a Java Library to be able to do my task. Initially, I have confused then if found a connector library in R for calling any class from native Java.

Here is how: