What is Your Life Like A Way or A Corridor?

corridor image ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The metaphors which we select to use when we explain something sometimes limits our capacity of envisioning instead of expanding it. Because metaphors are artificial simulations of complex life. It is kind of map of reality we understand. On the maps, the things are shown not by their real colors, distances or shapes. Therefore they are not real.

Typically we use the “way” metaphor when we define our lives. It starts from a point to another and there is a line which reflects progress or time. When we want to define there are two options we draw the fork. These drawings may be fancy by not reflects the real aspects of life.

A way or corridor?

Instead, we can use the corridor metaphor. A corridor is way too but what corridor distinct from a way is the doors along. A corridor has a lot of door in two sides. These doors may be closed or opened. Maybe locked or unlıocked. Some of them can be opened by knocking some of them not. Some of them are relevant to us some of them not.

The corridors have intersections. There is a lot of intersection of corridors in our life. This intersection is another’s life. You can get in or continue to your life. Some of the corridors intersect in somewhere else again. Some of them are parallel. They go the same direction but never intersects. You may be friend with someone else in the parallel corridor. The old cuneiform reflects friend two parallel lines.

The symbol of friend in cunneiform.

The way of some person will intersect with your life but you will fight with them. Old cuneiform alphabet the intercepted lines reflects enemy.

The symbol of enemy in cunneiform.

However, the corridor reflects possibilities and opportunities more than simple way metaphor. The most of way is just one or two-sided mountain, forest, des sea or land not the opportunities.

If you want to understand the door is open. The only way is knocking it as Montaigne once said.

Dr. Suat ATAN