You want to make a decision about an important thing. You getting advises of a lot of people as it should be. However, your mind is wandering. The state of mind falls into a mode of ‘pendulum’. Today you decide to go, tomorrow you decide to remain. In that state of mind, you should review your ‘modus operandi’ for decisions.

Let’s explain the portrait with computer science terminology. Our decision-making tool is kind of functions. It gets some parameters from external universe, process it then throws a result. In the state of indecisiveness, the return is ‘null’. The problem is this function does not work stable. Sometimes due to ‘runtime errors’ or unknown ‘bugs’. For stable functions sometimes due to the wrong ‘feature selection’ or irrelevant input parameters function works properly but not to avail.

For example, you want to select best places to live. Parameters are your career, your family needs, the education quality for your kids. You have selected a city to live. Tomorrow, you remember your health issue and that is required to other alternatives. You return to the other alternative. That is ‘pendulum mode’.

In these situations, the meta-decision may solve your decision-making turmoil. Meta-decision is decisions about your decision making. You should think about “how I decide”, “what are the drawbacks about my decision making”, “how I apply the decision” and “how is the new decision-making process” or meta-decision.

An example:

How do I decide? It is quite bleak. It can be defined as ‘cyclic decision making’. The decision process is making several times with different parameters. My friends have the normative role for my decisions. I value theirs advises.

What are the drawbacks? My decision is biased to keeping status quo. That is overwhelming and I am sure that is not healthy. For advises; sometimes I am feeling kind of pressure on myself to apply the advice without analyzing.

How I apply the decision? Due to status quo bias, often I am not doing anything.

Meta-decision: Up to final decision never make a decision just collect the parameters and ideas to specific paper. Define a special day for decision making. Up to this day collect and review the ‘decision making working paper’. In the day of decision, make your decision and immediately start to apply the decision. If the everything is reversible never hesitate just do it.