Simple Python Inheritence Tutorial

class Personel(object): def __init__(self,name,surname): self.surname=surname def mynameis(self): return “My name is “+str( class Expert(Personel): def __init__(self,name,surname): Personel.__init__(self,name,surname) self.title=”Expert” per=Personel(“aras”,”atan”) #print(“1:” print(per.mynameis()) #use other function defined under Perso0nel #becuase you used this code: class Expert(Personel): exp=Expert(“agah”,”atan”) print(exp.mynameis())


Vatan için değil Allah için…

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NumPy Matrix Opeartions

NumPy is a kind a untangible yet powerful model of excel in Python. Excel provides easy environment for seeing a matrix but doesn’t provide functions for batch operation. For instance for getting sum of all columns you have to write sum() function in excel then drag the function cell to right up to reach matrix…


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