Highlights from transport sector from Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey 2014-2020

The main objective of IPA II assistance between  2014  and 2020 for Turkey’s transport sector is to facilitate  Turkey’s  connection with the TEN-T rail network  and  develop sustainable, low-carbon, intelligent and safe transport in line with EU standards.

Expected results are:·  Turkish freight railway network connected to TEN-T network;·  improved inter-connections among different modes of transport and developed intermodal
nodes;·  sustainable urban mobility planning advanced;·  Turkey’s road safety strategy implemented;·  progress achieved on alignment with the acquis for different modes of transport
EU support will
facilitate Turkey’s gradual integration in the EU Global Navigation Satellite System  Galileo. Moreover, collaboration between European and Turkish cities and between transport research institutes  will be supported, to create a network of transport professionals and academics, and to collect and generate data to support informed policy-making.
 Main indicators of achievement:·  Progress made towards meeting accession criteria (EC);·  Logistics performance indicator (LPI) – score (WB).

About the Worldbank LPI indicator:

Logistics performance indicator is publishing on WorldBank site for each country. This indicator calculating by WB with six factor about transport sector.